NutriVilla Spice Shakers

Our NutriVilla spices, herbs and seasonings are carefully and meticulously crafted to ensure a superior quality. The resulting outcome: a splendid taste, a rich appearance and an aromatic odour like no other. We choose our raw materials’ suppliers very carefully and happily spend the extra buck to acquire the best qualities available in global markets. We make our selections based on rigorous quality control criteria. Our spices and blends are free from undeclared fillers and consist purely of high quality ingredients. With very few exceptions, most of our blends contain little to no salt and sugar. We focus primarily on achieving the required taste by using natural ingredients derived from earth’s best flavours.

With NutriVilla spices, we excite your taste buds and deliver Flavours of the World straight to your kitchen. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Zaatar Shami (Syrian Recipe)

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